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Elapsed time indicator (BSZ)

  • 190-264V AC input voltage
  • 90-140V AC input voltage
  • 15V DC input voltage


After the switch-on the LED flashes 4 times in order to test the function of the LED. After that for 30 seconds the microprocessor is in "stand-by" position for not being disturbed by ignition. After that period the indication of the LED is valid.

Usually the LED is off. Shortly before the end of burning time the LED starts to twinkle. By this the end of the burning time is announced to the user of the lamp. The end of burning time is indicated by a continuously gleaming LED. The timing of "LED flashes" and "LED gleams continuously" can be programmed according customer's demands.

In order to avoid a loss of burning time by switching on the lamp very often, with every lamp start a freely chosen number of minutes can be added to the burning time of the lamp.

After every lamp change the operation time counter has to be set back by the switch S 1. The number of lamp changes and the burning time of the lamps can be read from an EEPROM.

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