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LED Power Supply Technology

New installation ideas in lighting technology call for modern and customized power supplies in the range of LED applications.

The increasing number of types in lighting technology require power supplies that can be easily and effortlessly integrated in overall solutions. The demand for customized solutions increases continually. For this reason the power supply has a lot of important functions in many ranges of the LED technology:

  • Isolated and safe connection of the LEDs to the mains supply
  • Interconnection of the control inputs via active interfaces
  • PWM dimming
  • Control of the luminaire temperature via external sensors (NTC connection)

All ranges of lighting technology provide examples for these functions:

  • In the range of lighting technology, LED-driver unit control the light intensity of LED luminaires and LED objects.
  • In the range of stage and show technology, LED-driver unit provide for secure and reliable power supplies, even under extreme conditions.
  • Other applications are e.g. automotive engineering, traffic light installations, digital image processing as well as medical engineering.

LED-driver units are very flexible power supplys. The various types provide power supply solutions for very different applications. Schiederwerk meets this challenge by developing more and more customized solutions. On this website you will find information on the LED power supply "LED-driver unit" for the whole lighting industry.

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