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Electronic Ballasts

Schiederwerk offers a large selection of electronic ballasts


Our ballast type PVG 18-18 AC is a compact 1800W device with active power factor. It is ideally suited for the use in followspots or moving heads. Philips' MSR 1800 ist just one of the lamps that can be operated with this electronic ballast.

Technical data:
Input voltage:200-240 V
Max. lamp current:24 A
Max. lamp voltage: 150V

Data sheet PVG 18-18AC

Special characteristics:

At 1200W output power, PVG 18-18AC can also be used in the input voltage range of 90V to 264V.
As the device is equipped with a 24V/200mA output for fan operation, an additional fan voltage is not required.

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