Company History

SCHIEDERWERK was founded in Nürnberg as early as in 1919. Currently the company has a staff of ca. 135 employees. The product range grew from plain metal goods to electrical assemblies and to complete devices and system solutions.

In 1919 business founder Karl Schieder started the production of distribution boxes and terminal strips for communication networks.

In 1923 the company was transformed into a partnership (OHG). Both Karl Schieder and Georg Röhrl were appointed CEO. As from now, in addition to accessories for telecommunications, the company also developed and produced metal goods, mainly pocket lighters and accessories for smokers, under the brand name KASCHIE. In the following years (also in the years of war) SCHIEDERWERK increasingly produced cable sets for telecommunications, field telephones and switchboards.

In 1966 Wilhelm Schieder, who had run the company after Karl Schieder’s death, retired as associate and Günter Schmidt joined the partnership as general partner. Now began the development of devices for telecommunications and outside plant material and the development of low voltage switchgear.

In 1969 the partnership was transformed into a limited partnership (KG) with general partner Günter Schmidt and limited partner Elise Schmidt. New developments in the range of telecommunications were being encouraged. In close cooperation with the Fernmeldetechnisches Zentralamt der Deutschen Bundespost (Central Office for Telecommunications of the German Federal Mail) new and cost-effective devices for outside plant material for telecommunications were brought onto the market. Also, the company came back to its old product line overvoltage protection. Upon formation of the subsidiary SCHMIDT GmbH & Co. KG, the company started the manufacturing and processing of thermosetting plastics, thermoplastic material and of metal parts and stamping.

In the seventies and eighties the export of goods to Central and South America as well as to the Middle East, Scandinavia and Indonesia increased considerably. The international challenge produced new ideas that were realized without delay. SCHIEDERWERK products and devices entered new markets in the local telephone networks all over the world. Due to its high quality terminal equipment, the overvoltage protection technology grew more and more important.

Long-standing know-how resulted in the success of following SCHIEDERWERK products:

  • Overvoltage protection devices
  • Housings for distribution boxes
  • Cable sealing boxes
  • Distribution boxes with and without overvoltage protection
  • Junction boxes
  • Earthing devices
  • Earth circuit connectors

The product range was completed by Schiederwerk’s control and test technique. The development and production of testing and measuring devices for overvoltage arresters, cable testing devices, wire-bound interphone systems and testing hand sets for the construction of telephone networks was an important source of income.

Early in the eighties SCHIEDERWERK was one of the pioneers in the development of fiber optic connectors. However, as the expenses (among others for marketing) were too high for a medium-sized company, further development and patents already acquired had to be given up.

In the middle of the eighties the development and production of DC systems, telephones and telephone hoods was started. Power Supply Companies such as E.ON or transportation companies like Deutsche Bahn AG (German Railways) were important customers for DC systems. Telephones and telephone hoods were successfully developed and produced for the German Post until they lost their monopoly by the deregulation that took place mid of the nineties.

In 1992
a completely new product line was introduced with the development of Electronic Power Supplies and Ignitors for gas discharge lamps. These devices are being used in medical technology (endoscopy), in overhead and data projectors as well as in studio and trade show lighting. By continuously developing and improving its products in this sector SCHIEDEWERK became one of the leading suppliers in this industry. In the nineties, the development of multimedia systems was taken up.

In 1996
Gerhard Müller (principal shareholder and CEO) and two employees (fellow partners) bought the company from Günter Schmidt who completely retired from business. The company changed its name to SCHIEDERWERK MBZ Telekommunikation GmbH & Co. KG.

In 1997
company became certified by DIN EN ISO 9001 for the business line: development, production and sale of mechanical and electronic devices for telecommunications and for power supply technology.

In 2003 SCHIEDERWERK successfully applied for the certification by DIN EN ISO 9001:2000. SCHIEDERWERK continued to concentrate on customer oriented processes.

In 2006 the product line DC systems was closed due to its economic inefficiency. Schiederwerk concentrated on the product line Electronic Ballasts and Ignitors.

In 2013 company became certified by Environmental Management System DIN EN ISO 14001:2009

Today SCHIEDERWERK develops and produces future-oriented products according to world-class standards in our product ranges:

  • Electronic ballasts and ignitors
  • Customer-specific power supplies
  • Distribution boxes

Our customers have access to leading technology at attractive prices. Samples are rapidely available, production capacity is ready for small, middle-sized and high-volume runs. Schiederwerk presents new and modern product ideas that convinced its well-known customers and partners.

SCHIEDERWERK’s success has different causes:

  • Well-trained and motivated employees
  • Modern and flexible corporate structure with quality management
  • High-capacity technical equipment with modern computer technology
  • Measurement and manufacturing technology
  • Long-term good and confiding cooperation with our customers, suppliers and business partners

These characteristics made of SCHIEDERWERK a strong and highly productive company that will continue to grow and prosper. We live by the motto:

Don’t stay where you are, always keep moving forward!

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