LSA+ Connection Technique

lsa uebersicht  LSA+ is a connection technique that does not require processes such as soldering, screwing and skinning.

LSA+ connection technique can do without the laborious cutting-off and skinning of the individual cable conductors. You can connect instead the conductors quickly and safely in the corresponding connection module.

This connection technique requires a special tool, the LSA+ insertion tool. The individual cable conductor including the insulation is being pressed in an insulation displacement termination. In this process, the tool shortens the waste end of the conductor and simultaneously cuts open its insulation, thus enablig electrically conductive connections to be produced.

We provide a wide range of distribution boxes for LSA+ connection technique plus the required accessories such as insertion tool, connection modules and magazines for overvoltage arresters.
  • lsa 10da s98 kl
    up to 20 DA
  • lsa 100da s98
    up to 200 DA
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